Thursday, April 15, 2010

They got me again.

I ordered some things from Gilt Groupe this morning. They sure know how certain words in their email subject lines make me excited like Marc by Marc Jacobs . While shopping online I try to make sure I really need something and I am not just buying it because I think I am getting a good deal. When I get dressed I like to refer to my "uniform" which consists or either a tank or tee paired with a skirt or leggings all depending on the weather. To make sure I don't look like I am an outfit repeater I use different accessories shoes and outerwear. I have been looking for a new fun lightweight jacket and I think this Stellar Dot Jacquard jacket will work perfectly. I also adore this color since my "uniform" tends to be monochromatic. While shopping I noticed they had Rock & Republic shoes for sale. I have loved the collection of pumps with platforms but could never get myself to spend $300 on them until today when they are only $100 :) I also do not have a pair of electric blue heels so they will stand out from my army of black shoes in my closet. Hopefully you will agree with my choices.

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