Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 things I currently cannot live without

   1. My slightly over the knee brown Pour La Victoire Victorina boots. 
(darn this tiny pixelated image!!!)

2. My American Apparel Unisex See Thru Tank in black

3. My Stella & Dot Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace

(and shots )

4. Braids in my hair

(and cute men sticking their tongue out at me)
 5. Sushi 
(and double crunch rolls from Ginzaya. Look strange but are heaven)
6. My Jeffrey Campbell Xmas Mule with platforms

7. My Fendi Pony Hair Platform Booties

          (any anything else that has a platform and makes me tall)
 8. Pretty color nailpolish

9. My IPhone
(and the adorable screen saver of me my ggma and gma)

  10. The biggest thing I cannot live without is my dog Roxxanne
(and floral carpet)


  1. What about your sister Lola??

  2. What about you BF Erin ???