Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the belle of the New Years Ball?

Since I love to share my favorite looks, I thought it was only fitting that my last post of 2010 be my top 5 favorite NYE dresses. I will take all 5 of them please all you sexy men out there!

How can you go wrong with this body con dress. Lame and mesh?? 38 dollars?! Sexy new years to you sister :)

This dress is a fresh new take on New Years glam. I love the pop of color and the sexiness of the neckline. 

I have had my eye on this dress for quite some time. It would be perfect for a little get together with friends. The sequins are just enough that when paired with a glass of champagne you welcome the new year in just right. 

For a more formal soiree this dress would be the perfect look. It is conservative with its high neckline but on trend with the exaggerated ruffle at the shoulder. 

Lastly for all the ladies with sugar daddies. My favorite look for New Years Eve has to be this dress. It is the classic bandage style that Herve Leger is known for but has the most gorgeous sequin detail. This one I had to show the front and the back. 

That is it for my fab looks for New Years 2010. See you on the other side fashionistas.

Where are you Christmas? Why can't I find you?

OK Christmas flewww by. I don't even think I photographed my adorable newspaper wrapped gifts. Oh well. Even worse was right after Christmas I got a bad cold so I have been MIA from my blog. My apologies. Until my next posting please enjoy this pic of Roxxanne enjoying all of the presents.

Monday, December 20, 2010

This is why I love...

WEST HOLLYWOOD. They let us straight kids party too. And our pets. 

Fashion bloggers. Especially when they like my outfit. Check me out ya'll 

Making my own earrings. They look sexy in photos :)

Gift wrapping. Look at all these amazing options.

Scruffy Men. Especially when they have amazing style. And own their own line

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hate hate hate hate hate I don't care what B*tches think

Has there even been a shoe that you love/want so much that when you see another girl wearing them you give her a dirty look? This is what happened to me the other night at the movies. I see this girl and her outfit was really cute. My eyes slowly make it down to her shoes and I am like " That Biatch!". I usually think of myself as very complimentary towards other women and their fashion. Apparently that is not the situation when they are wearing shoes that I covet. Sad but true I can be a hater. Anyways here are the beloved shoes. I have lusted after them for a while and they are back in stock at my fave online store Nasty Just warning you though if you do buy them before me you may be the next one to get a dirty look . 

                                          Sam Edelman Zoe Boot- $198

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Lita

I know all of the fashion bloggers might hate me for this but I DO NOT like the Lita boots. As much as you know I die for Jeffrey Campbell, I just don't really understand why you would want your feet to look so oddly shaped.

Below are some of my favorite bloggers wearing them. 

I just do not get the appeal.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I DIE this is so beyond


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Part EIGHT

Ok I know I already did a guide for the girl who loves shoes but this one is more specific. The Gift Guide for the girl who LOVES Jeffrey Campbell! All of these shoes are from 
                                           Meeker in Grey Suede- $154.95
                                          Smudge Fur in Leopard- $169.95

I would like all of them please. Thank you  :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I like my beats fast and my bass down low

LOVE this new song by Dev. As you may know from videos I have made and posted this girl knows how to make me dance!

Holiday Gift Guide Part SEVEN

This list today is for the Rock and Roll Chick. This girl looks like she just threw something on but always looks amazing. Acts like she doesn't care and is just a cool chick.

                                Yolanda Jo "JOlanda"Feather earrings- $45

                                                  Loose Snag Tunic- $48

                          Wildfox Love Bones Baggy Beach Sweatshirt- $108

                               Velvet Dixon Ombre Sequin Cardigan- $196

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Part SIX

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Now back to what is really important...the wish list for every fashionable person you have in your life. Today I am going to add the perfect gifts for that shoenista.

This shoe is exactly what the name suggests PARTY! This vibrant color is perfect and these are affordable statement shoes.
                                    Steve Madden "Partyy" Pump- $89.95

I love Louboutins just like the next girl but this slingback is about 10% of Mr Christian's shoe of the same design.
                                  N.Y.L.A "Genevieve" Slingback - $104.95

As you may know if you have looked in my closet or here on my blog, I am quite the Jeffrey Campbell fan. His shoes are always right on trend with the price point that won't break your bank.
                                    Jeffrey Campbell Buckle Wedges- $168

These heels are perfect for any occasion. I see them paired with an LBD for a wedding or with a brightly colored cocktail dress for a night on the town. 

One of the greatest looks of the fall is over the knee boots. They are perfect when the weather gets cold.

Animal print is one of the seasons hottest trends. These pumps would go with some rolled up boyfriend jeans or a sexy cocktail dress. 

These Louboutins would be perfect for any NYE parties. The metallic would make any girl the belle of the ball. 

These last boots need no explanation. They are amazing. I love the buckle detailing. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Part FIVE

This is the gift guide for the girl who has everything. I have compiled a list that any girl would love but wouldn't necessarily buy for herself.

Since this is my blog I am going to do a little self promotion. These vases that I made would look perfect in any shabby chic decor
                                 Hand Painted Coke Bottle Bud Vases- $10 each

This gift is for the girl who is a little cooking impaired. This apron makes it easier and tells you how long to cook meat and other essential kitchen information. 

                                        Handy Cooking Guide Apron- $29.50
Who wouldn't LOVe these adorable little salt shakers? They would love perfect in a modern kitchen. 

I love these headphones they offer style and good sound. 

This is a great device. It turns your ipad into a desktop computer. No more days of holding it on your lap or in your little sleeve that props it up. 

Just some more self promotion. This painting is called Mer Profonde. It is on sale for the Christmas season and would make a perfect gift for an art enthusiast. 

Goodbye are the ugly cases that used to hold our laptops. The late great Alexander McQueen has given us a more stylish option in his signature skull print. 

                           Alexander McQueen Skull Print Laptop Case- $395

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Part FOUR

Today I will post the perfect gifts to give for the accessories queen. Every time you see her she looks fly. From her head to her toes this girl knows how to style herself. This Christmas put a smile on her face with any one of these gifts.
                                      Headband with Feather Accent - $5.80

                                           Frozen Globes Necklace- $42