Friday, April 30, 2010


I may just be wearing my bangs exactly like this very soon. Who knew a couple bobby pins made such a chic shaggy look???
(What the Hellz?)

Is it the weekend yet???

Pardon the no makeup and crazy slept in braid :)
Stir crazy by KMiklos on WeGIF

Alice in Wonderland

When I see these roses on my lunchtime walk I am reminded of painting the white roses red. Maybe Alice was interrupted during her work and this bush is left with half white half red really dope roses :) Either way I am a fan. (photo taken with my hipstamatic)

Good way to start my weekend

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chris Brown/Tyga collaboration



I got the hipstamatic camera app on my iphone and so far I love the pics it takes!! Look at them below

Happy Birthday Spike (this post is dedicated to Charles Harris just because of his nickname and his bday)

As you may have seen in a previous post I LOVE Fallon jewelry. Well J Crew did a very smart thing and there is now collabo Fallon/Fenton for J Crew. It is the usual spikes and mismatching chains for a bit cheaper. I might actually pay a visit to J Crew which I haven't done in YEARS. 

Boots with the fur

Pretty sure I have never met a Louboutin I haven't loved. These new pictures for the Winter Tales Fall 2010 Lookbook further prove this to me.

I'm Beamin

I am LOVING this Lupe Fiasco song.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

One of my favorite jewelry designers is Noir and this morning they were on gilt groupe! I wanted to share some of the great rings they had for sale. How amazing is that shark ring...I think I kinda need it!!!
Gilt Groupe

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I want want want is what you want want want...

give it to me baby like boom boom boom.

This morning I got an email with three words that make me smile. Pre Fall Louboutins. He is playing off of popular designs from previous seasons but they look fresh enough for fall. I am especially loving his use of flannel. I included pictures of my favorites. Enjoy and try not to drool.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1st dinner

My sister Laura and I recently started a new diet since we have a trip to Palm Springs in a couple weeks. The new diet is basically nothing bad for you. No sugar, flour, fried food, hard alcohol , chocolate, cheese and anything else you might crave.  I was a bit skeptical about this until I made dinner for us last night and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious! I first caramelized some onions and sauteed garlic in a pan. Then I placed some chicken breast tenders in the pan and browned each side. When that was done I took the chicken, onions and garlic and placed them all in a baking dish. To deglaze the pan I using I poured a half a cup of balsamic vinegar and a cup and a half of chicken stock in. Let that boil and thicken a bit and pour it over the chicken in the baking dish. Cook for 15-20 mins on 350 degrees and you have a delicious flavorful piece of chicken :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

heart broken

If you are an online shopaholic like myself you know which sites have the best deals like gilt groupe, outnet and billion dollar babes. A couple days ago I received an email telling me that outnet was celebrating their first birthday and part of their celebration would be having a big sale where everything was $1. Only catch was you could only get one item and it wasn't yours until you checked out. They also said the start of the sale was a surprise and would be sent through email. I made a list of things that would be easy like shoes purses jewelry, things that I don't really need to figure out the sizing. Well silly me went out last night thinking oh well the sale won't start until at least 7 or 8 AM here on the west coast. I figured they would give us a chance to wake up and have a fighting chance. I was SADLY mistaken!!! I woke up abruptly at 8 AM thinking oh shoot it probably just started so I grabbed my iphone checked my new mail and lo and behold I have an email from outnet at 3 in the effing morning!!!!!!! There was no way I could have foreseen such an injustice to us Californians! It is a sad day for an online shopper :(

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love from A-Z

A is for Anaheim Angels

B is for Birthdays

C is for Cabo San Lucas

D is for Disneyland

E is for Eyelashes

F is for Fendi tulle wrap platform sandals

G is for Girlfriends and Gays

H is for Halloween

I is for In n Out roll

J is for Je veux te voir by Yelle

K is for Kid Sister

L is for Louboutins

M is for Marc Jacobs

N is for NYE

O is for OPI nailpolish

P is for Pimps

Q is for Quotes about Love
 "Love is a friendship set to music."

E. Joseph Cossman
R is for Roxxanne

S is for Sunglasses

T is for True Blood

U is for Urban Outfitters

V is for Versace Polka Dot Platform heels

W is for Watermelon Cucumber Mojitos from Katsuya
X is for X5

Y is for Yves Saint Laurent

Z is for Zanotti

They got me again.

I ordered some things from Gilt Groupe this morning. They sure know how certain words in their email subject lines make me excited like Marc by Marc Jacobs . While shopping online I try to make sure I really need something and I am not just buying it because I think I am getting a good deal. When I get dressed I like to refer to my "uniform" which consists or either a tank or tee paired with a skirt or leggings all depending on the weather. To make sure I don't look like I am an outfit repeater I use different accessories shoes and outerwear. I have been looking for a new fun lightweight jacket and I think this Stellar Dot Jacquard jacket will work perfectly. I also adore this color since my "uniform" tends to be monochromatic. While shopping I noticed they had Rock & Republic shoes for sale. I have loved the collection of pumps with platforms but could never get myself to spend $300 on them until today when they are only $100 :) I also do not have a pair of electric blue heels so they will stand out from my army of black shoes in my closet. Hopefully you will agree with my choices.

Monday, April 12, 2010

OOPS how could I forget about Thursday?

Thursday night seems like a week ago since I had such an action packed weekend. I went to the downtown LA art walk with Stef, Erin and Branden. I wore an American Apparel shirt, black skirt, Pour la Victoire boots, Stella & Dot earrings and straight hair. Here are some highlights.