Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hate hate hate hate hate I don't care what B*tches think

Has there even been a shoe that you love/want so much that when you see another girl wearing them you give her a dirty look? This is what happened to me the other night at the movies. I see this girl and her outfit was really cute. My eyes slowly make it down to her shoes and I am like " That Biatch!". I usually think of myself as very complimentary towards other women and their fashion. Apparently that is not the situation when they are wearing shoes that I covet. Sad but true I can be a hater. Anyways here are the beloved shoes. I have lusted after them for a while and they are back in stock at my fave online store Nasty Just warning you though if you do buy them before me you may be the next one to get a dirty look . 

                                          Sam Edelman Zoe Boot- $198

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